Corporate Governance

Ho Bee Land Limited is committed to adopting high standards of corporate governance and transparency in conducting the Group’s businesses. The board of directors of the Company (the Board) ensures that an effective self-regulatory and monitoring mechanism exists and is practised. This report outlines the main corporate governance practices that are in place, with specific reference to the principles of the Code of Corporate Governance 2012 (the Code).

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Investor Relations Policy

Ho Bee Land Limited is committed to maintaining high standards of disclosure and corporate transparency. The Company seeks to promote and facilitate investor relations communication to enhance shareholder value.

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All investor relations related enquiries and feedback can be directed to:-

Ms Josephine Lee
Finance Director
Telephone: +65 6704 0887
Fax: +65 6704 0800

Shareholders can also contact our Share Registrar on share registration matters at the following address:-

M&C Services Private Limited
112 Robinson Road #05-01
Singapore 068902
Telephone: +65 6227 6660
Fax: +65 6225 1452

Whistle-Blowing Policy

Ho Bee Land Limited is committed to maintaining the best employment practices and the highest standards of openness, probity, accountability and corporate governance. To achieve accountability and transparency, the Company adopts a programme which provides a mechanism to enable employees of the Company and its subsidiaries to communicate their concerns over fraudulent activities, malpractices or improprieties within the Group, in a responsible and effective manner.

In our pursuit of good corporate governance, the Company encourages its officers, employees, vendors/contractors, consultants, suppliers and/or any other parties with whom the Group has a relationship, to provide information that evidences unsafe, unlawful, unethical, fraudulent or wasteful practices.

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